Web site issues

Hi all First sorry for no show but he site has been down while my host manages a move to Cpanel. I am hoping for a new show in the near future.

Atomic Suburbia 48

206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Snack from are friend in Kelowna Cate apples and wine Headlines: 3 minors charged in sheep attacks Canada condemns Zimbabwe’s ‘illegal’ election, imposes sanctions Soldiers march in Toronto Gay Pride parade A little cancer conspiracy talk Bruce Calls song The Aftermath “Are You Not Wanting Me Yet?” (mp3) from “Friendlier Up […]

Atomic Suburbia 47

Calgary’s best podcast 206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Snacks by Lisa & Joe Comments from Trallyus and B Squared Comics to ponder, the Dinette Set from Joe and Sinfest from Trallyus And we take off Jenifer’s Prom Dress Twilight Sleep “Don’t Fire Your Guns” (mp3) from “Race To the Bottom of the Sea” (Origami Music) Buy […]

Atomic Suburbia 46

206 337-2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Calgary’s best podcast Snacks by Barely Podcasting and we mention Cheap Date cause this is damn near the all Chicago podcast Comics Pickles, Extralife and Jawbone We take off Bernadette’s prom dress. Song Sybris “The Best Day In History In Ever” (mp3) from “Sybris” (Flameshovel Records) Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy […]

Atomic Surburbia 45

calgary’s best podcast Tonight I get into the heated issues surrounding Calgary’s LRT. Crystal needs beer. And Speed Bump is the featured comic. I also go on and on about last weeks wedding. Love Is Chemicals “Over Land, Over Sea” (mp3) from “Song of the Summer Youth Brigade” (Near Earth Objects) More On This Album

Atomic Suburbia 44

206 337-2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Beer provided by John at On the Log Tom from Phog lounge, Shane and Tom’s Squeeze Box and Spark provides our guest commentary with a thought provoking, entertaining and slightly disturbing look at underwear. Bumpers by Twig and Steve John comes back with some thoughts on Dilbert. And Tuned In wonders aloud […]

Atomic Suburba 43

a podcast from Calgary 206 337 2727 Holycrap@poddog.ca Tonights snacks are provided by Lynda Additional voice supports by Katherine Audio commentary by Barely Bumper by Steve Pinkerton Park is the featured comic. Hi Mom by, Redboy, Steve, Nico, ScottyJ, Krash, Clinton, Bill. Song Fancey “Dial Jupiter” (mp3) from “Fancey” (What Are Records) Buy at eMusic […]

Atomic Suburbia 42

Calgary’s best podcast 206 337 2727 Snacks by Barely Twitter panic with Steve Happy birthday to TSDiva Dani and Scarborough Dude Going commando for Earth Day, Fruit of the Loom, WalMart and Zellers Tuned in looks at Get Fuzzy and Sherman’s Lagoon. Maybe It’s Reno “Gravestones and Christmas Trees” (mp3) from “Maybe It’s Reno” (Teenbeat […]

Atomic Suburbia 41

206 337-2727 holycrap@poddog.ca This show is called “Get Well” and we hope you get there quick. Tonight’s Chew on This was inspired by a few comments on twitter, and some of the issues I have with big pharmaceuticals companies. But it really started with Inside PR. I tend to consider them evil, but maybe I […]

Atomic Suburbia 40

206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca We are back for Season Five, holycrap Snacks by Charles we take shots at the CBC and Jpod Our friend Julie drops us a line. Tonights song is by Joe Pop with “Everybody Makes Her Cry. Buy here, YouTube video here Tuned In looks at Toby, Robot Satan bumper for podCALGARY […]

Featured on the podcast promo show.

A big thanx to Dave from the School of Podcasting and the Podcast Promo show.


Rather than leave you with nothing, I thought I throw the promo back into the feed. If you podcast, consider playing it, if you know a podcaster, consider sending it to them and holding their puppy hostage until they play it. If you don’t podcast and don’t know any podcasters, first count yourself lucky then […]

Atomic Suburbia 39

206 337-2727  holycrap@poddog.ca It’s the end of season number four suburbanites. Holycrap. Snacks from Betty (and Krash) at the Oka Zoo Special guest “Favorite City” audio from Crystal and Linda and the talk about Vancouver and Edmonton Bumpers from Steve Audio from Mr. Rock and Roll Update on the song we played last week. It […]

Atomic Suburbia 38

206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Calgary’s best podcast NEP, The Alberta Liberals are not the  Federal Liberals In chew on this we take a look at choices and brand loyalty Music from Mr Rock and Roll but I don’t remember who it is Bumpers by AllAxisRadio and Creative Monkeys. Comics FBOFW and Zits And we take […]

Atomic Suburbia 37

206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Calgary’s best podcast Snacks by: Me Alberta Elections Commentary: Winners, Losers, Runner up losers, Throw away vote one, Throw away vote two. Additional Voting advice from Barely, who mentions The Big Show and Truth Seekers. Guest Commentary: Chris and Charles Comic news from: Joe with news on Lynn and Steve sends […]

Atomic Suburbia 36

206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca Calgary’s best podcast Snacks by Julie Ed Stelmach on Twitter We get a bit political on the Dave Taylor and Arthur Kent candidate running in my riding. Guest commentary Charles Comic Profile Pooch Cafe’s Paul Gilligan The Pooch Cafe Movie Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes, the Hernandez Brothers, Kricfalusi’s animation. Bumpers by […]

Atomic Suburbia 35

206 337 2722 holycrap@poddog.ca Calgary’s best pocast  Breakfast by Krash Coarse Bumpers by Mr. Rock and Roll and Steve French Language police article   Feedback by, Don’t Tickle Me and Todd (DTM’s link re organs) Favorite city by B Squared Toon’d In artist profile Darby Conley of Get Fuzzy  Comic of the week Loose Parts […]

Atomic Suburbia 34

206 337 2727 holycrap@poddog.ca We come in on time this show and we even get pretty positive. Comic Artist interview with Mike Witmer of Pinkerton Park  He was also the auther of 44 Union Avenue bumper help from Steve and Matt Song: Frightened Rabbit “The Modern Leper” (mp3) from “The Midnight Organ Fight” (Fat Cat […]